Men: an unknown kind of the human race…

Men always say us women are complicated, but probably they don’t know themselves at all.
I used to have an opinion on somebody I didn’t know at all, but then we started talking and we became sort of friends (at least that was/is what I thought it was, now I don’t know anymore). I loved the chats, at the end he wasn’t that scary as I thought. We (women) think that when we create some sort of bonding with a man then we’re done, they understand us, we’re happy, end of the story. WRONG! At some point they start drawing back, leaving us astonished at the thought of “hey, what’s just happened?“. That’s pretty much what happened to me. I thought we were good and all of a sudden things changed. I don’t understand it anymore. He’s taking back things he said in the past , I really don’t understand what’s happening and I think he’s avoiding me… I thought it might be because we’re mind-alike and he feels threatened. That’s the big difference. I like the talks because I find them challenging, I like him because for once I can talk to somebody younger who understands me, but he doesn’t like it at all because he’s the man, and no way I, a woman, can be as strong minded as he is.
Gosh, why men have to be such children?? I feel sad, angry and disappointed at the same time.
I really hope things will work out, because all I can think of is that I might have made the biggest mistake of my life…


You realize who’s really your friend at some point of your life…

You can always say “I’ve got so many friends” but at some point of your life you understand who’s really and who’s not.
One of the many days I was bored and playing around on Facebook I decided (after I took a quiz about how much I knew a a friend of mine) to create a quiz about me and test my friends on how much they knew me… Well, people who know me only through the web know more than my “so called” friends… It’s pretty sad, since you presume that people who you go out with and you knew them for years KNOW you… Since I moved here I saw who my friends really are… I had this other friend… she lives here and I thought she was my friend. When I moved here she was the only person I knew, she should have been my “contact point”, someone I could count on in case of need… I’ve been here for six months, now, and I haven’t seen her yet.  People who know me know that I had some serious issues with my stay and she never bothered asking me how I was or how were things… Now, how can I call this “friendship”?

But above all, there is one person in this world who I trust and love almost like my best friend. Benedetta lives in Italy, and even when I was back home we barely saw each other, only once or twice a year and belive me, it’s very difficult to get hold of her, since she’s busy with her job and life… But she knows me a lot way more than my actual friends do… And even if she’s far away, I feel her love.
She’s the only person I would want here with me & my best friend.
If I have the chance to call someone, she’s the first person I think of.
Something good happens to me, she’s the first person I tell.
I miss her so much and I’d give anything to have her here…