I really need a change…

I haven’t wrote a post in months… For some parts I’ve been busy, some others I forgot, others again I didn’t feel like writing. I’ve been feeling a little sad, angry, disappointed… Seems that all the work I’ve done in years doesn’t count at all. You work so hard, try to keep up as much as you can with new things as well but everything means nothing as you’re being constantly ignored. People are disrespectful. Actually it seems that since I moved here all the people I met & know are just a big disappointment. Seems that besides my best friend I cannot trust anybody. I want to do things but can’t ask who knows better because I don’t trust them.
I’m going back to Italy in a few days and I’d really rather stay here. I’m not that happy about seeing my family. My relationship with them is not so good and I don’t like to be forced to do things (like visiting all the relatives & stuff). And I already know my mum will cry when I have to leave. Honestly it’ll be hard to live with lots of people when I’m used to 2. I just have to resist these 2 weeks & half and then I’ll be back here trying to do something with my life. I have lots on my mind, some big decisions to make. Really hope for the best.
I’ll be back soon, see ya.


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